About Me

Hellooo! My name is Alissa and I have a passion for feeding people good food. I want to bring back good ol’ fashion home cooking to the kitchen table.

My husband and I are Oklahoma transplants living in Kansas City.  I work as an Environmental Engineer, but my passions include running, eating, and cooking for others.  Coming from the land of deep-fried-microwavin lovin’, I am trying to rediscover “from scratch” cooking. I believe in quality local produce rather than quantity.

Thankfully, my amazing husband loves (or at least tolerates) my obsession with food and eating healthy. There is nothing sweeter to me than a full meal made from homegrown food. Unfortunately, my thumbs are NOT green and I have to rely on the amazing work of other local urban gardeners. I am also thankful that I live in a great city that has a wealth of resources for local and organic food. I am a member of a local community supported agriculture (CSA) that supplements my vegetable supply and provides local meat, eggs, cheese, and milk! Mmmmmmm.

Although I do not subscribe to a specific type of cooking, I personally feel best when I eat “whole foods”.  I have recently eliminated gluten from my diet in an attempt to holistically and naturally treat certain symptoms that I have. It’s a new world out there but I enjoy it. My husband eats a paleo diet (grain / dairy / sugar / legume free). His diet has definitely increased our meat intake, which is odd for me since I was a vegetarian for years.   My experiments in the kitchen include cooking vegan, vegetarian, paleo, primal, gluten-free….the list goes on.  I hope you will get as much enjoyment and inspiration as I do from simple recipes and experiments with new ingredients.

Please hang around, read up, and get cozy!


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I tried your RSS button but got this: This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.


  2. OMG Alissa,
    I just made this cashew pie crust anded carob poweder instead of cocco poweder and a little flax seed ohhh it is so good. then I went on to make the filling changed out the lemon for the lime ran out of cashews so half peacans ( I did not soak over nite a little impaient) First off I dont even want to share with my family…
    Back in Dec. I was diagnosed with many many allergies, peanuts, eggs, dairy, many vegies and fruits that we take for granted green beens carrets corn and the list goes on, lemon is one of them thats why the lime, gluten and yeasts so its been a real challenge but has been fun my family eats most everything I have made some they say sha been in their top five they rate my meals so Im sure this will be up there if I share!!!
    during all of this I sure have to read alot of lables and look up what half the ingredents are, what an eye opener.
    Also I am on a rotation diet and all the engredeints here were on this day (ecept the peacans that to morrow)

    Well you are a God send.

    Thank you keep up the good work


  3. Finally, someone who understands my lot in life! So excited to find these recipes that have or can be substitutes for things I can eat. Thank you so very much!


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