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Howdy!!!!  Are you a first time reader or long time follower?  Send me a message!

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8 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. hi there, have tried your quick spicy kosher dill pickles and would like to do your bread &: butter, but can not find the receipe on line, can you e-mail it to me . thanks penny


  2. Hi, Alissa! I LOVE your blog, as a dear friend just made me your delicious Mexican Breakfast Casserole as I recover from some recent health scares. Oh, baby, it’s got some healing powers, my friend, and this gluten and dairy free lady thanks you from the bottom of her heart and happy belly!


    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! I’m so glad that you enjoyed that breakfast casserole. What a great friend you have as well! Hope you begin feeling better!


  3. Hi Alissa, I am excited to try the Mexican Breakfast Casserole as it sound and looks yummy. Do you by chance have the Nutritional information, such as portion size and calories per serving? Hope to hear from you soon so I can change up my daily oatmeal. Thanks.


  4. Welcome back Alissa, great to have you in the kitchen again and those brownies are just what I need to help me recover from my knee surgery this week. Your recipes are the best!


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