Tornado Disaster Relief

I was born and raised in the heart of Oklahoma. We were there this weekend for my sister’s graduation, leaving just hours before these destructive tornados ripped through the area. Words can’t even describe the pain, grief, and helplessness I feel currently at the site of my fellow Oklahoman’s suffering from the destruction of yet another tornado.  The Moore area has been hit repeatedly within the last 15 years. Luckily all of my family and friends have been accounted for that live in and around the Moore area.  Although many of them lost their homes, they are at least safe. 

However, there are many many many others that are not ok or are still looking for loved ones.  Many people are without homes. Please keep everyone there in your thoughts. I have included a few links below for those of you who would like to provide assistance or help:

  1. To donate $10, text REDCROSS to 90999 or call 800-RED-CROSS.  All donations will help provide food, shelter, and support to those that have been affected.
  2. Donate blood! They are in need of people with type O negative blood. Call 800-RED-CROSS or go to to donate.
  3. To help stranded pets, donate to the Central Oklahoma Humane Society.
  4. Donate to the regional Oklahoma Food Bank.
  5. The Salvation Army and Oklahoma Disaster Relief are delivering food and disaster response to victims and are accepting financial help.

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