6 Days in Paris

Last week we were gallivanting around Paris. Rough life I know. But honestly this trip has been a long long long time coming. I can’t wait to go back to that amazing city. It was gorgeous and a much needed break. I loved the little specialty shops. The cafes were picturesque and romantic. You can feel the history, the significance, and the difference in the pace of life, despite almost 2.5 million people living there.



We rented an apartment through AirBnB that was located in the 10th arrondissement by Canal St-Martin. It’s an awesome area. It was just a 2 minute walk to the metro station, and by some of the best bakeries, eateries, butcher shops, and fromageries (cheese shop).  We ate well, tasted amazing olive oil, ate creme brulee, swam in fabulous gelato, walked every day, drank espresso every morning from cafe seats facing the street, and smelled fresh baked bread…EVERYWHERE.

DSC_0164 DSC_0167 DSC_0042

SO let’s talk real quick about bakeries and about being gluten free in Paris, of all places. If there was a time to fall off the wagon…this is the place to do it. My husband embraced the pan au chocolat (chocolate croissants) for breakfast every morning. I instead ate my measly bowl of oatmeal. It was a good trade for me to not have to deal with stomach pain all day.  But such torture! People walking around and biking around eating loaves and loaves of amaaaazing bread. Here in the states, I don’t feel too deprived, but there! Man…it was tough.

One day I did break down and ate a few slices of baguette, dipping it dreamily into my creamy baked eggs. SWOOON. But boy did I pay for it later. We had to end the night early as my stomach went into a tailspin. After that, I happily enjoyed my oatmeal and passed on the chewy bread.


But it really wasn’t hard to be gluten free…even in the land o’ bread. Hell, who could feel slighted when you can have amazing gelato or creme brûlée! If you happen to be traveling to Paris, I definitely recommend finding Pozzetto‘s gelato shop and getting the pistache (pistachio). You won’t be disappointed.

994811_10151667329397241_1607347676_n 998908_10151667327822241_1197366970_n

DSC_0029 DSC_0006

I did manage to find a fabulous gluten free bakery shop near our apartment called Helmut Newcake. It was fabulous! My husband and I shared a lemon meringue tart and a salted butter caramel profiterole. Dear lord those were ridiculous! Good thing we walked nearly 40 miles in just 6 days. Otherwise I don’t think I would have fit in an airplane seat to come back home. Hrmmm…maybe getting stuck in Paris wouldn’t have been such a bad thing.


One thought on “6 Days in Paris

  1. Sounds like an amazing vacation! After a few years of contentment in the good old USA I’ve recently been bitten by the travel bug. I’d love to save up and see if I could swing a month or two of working remotely from a rented apartment in Paris. Part vacation, part getting ish done in a city full of inspiration. Love your pictures!


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